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Hopefully any deficiencies with the system can be ironed out by you guys over the summer as I think itís a brilliant system when used correctly. Itís enabled me to go to games this year I wouldnít have been able to and allowed me to meet other fans in the process. Fingers crossed.

Understand the decision and the reason for reviewing. Equally, it'll be a shame to see it canned permanently.

Understand the decision for closing it until further notice and having to review it.

Would be a shame to see it close as that has helped me get to some games (especially Aways) that I wouldn't have got to without the Exchange including Gerrard's last game at Stoke

What are the main reasons for this?

Completely fair for the rest of the season in my opinion, although I was hoping to get a bit of luck with Newcastle away.

But just to throw my two cents about the Ticket Exchange more generally.

Iíve used (both ways) many, many times and made great mates and swapped tickets over the years Iíve been on this forum with zero issues. There is a spirit of trust and mutuality in many of these tickets Iíve either benefited from receiving or have had a spare ticket in our group come up.

The club may have their issue with sharing cards which I can understand but really their focus should be entirely fixed on touts to begin with. Groups of mates sharing tickets between themselves should surely not be an issue.

Further, this is a safe space. I generally know someone thatís a regular poster on here isnít going to scam me of £40 or whatever. To think people now may look to sharing tickets via Twitter etc is actually more worrying. Iím a fairly anti-social bastard at  games but have met a lot of people through RAWK who have helped me / Iíve helped them.

Not trying to pressurise one way or another, but just wanted to put my (probably not that useful) view across.

Edit: how has this become an essay. Iíve used the exchange once this whole season.  ;D


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