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RAWK Advent Calendar 2014 #2 - Neil Mellor vs Arsenal, Nov 2004

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This is probably the goal I have celebrated the most

For younger fans beating Arsenal 2-1 at home might not be that impressive but I assure you nobody gave us a chance beforehand. Think this season Chelsea but better in my opinion. Our season wasn't going well and up pops a product of our academy to score an absolute screamer in the last minute of injury time to beat last season's invincibles!

Incredible stuff   

It's a story we all know well, but even now, with 10 years of perspective, when I look at the players we had that year, and how abject we were for most of it, and yet at the end of the year we won the European Cup, despite being 0-3 down in the final?!  Football will never, ever, deliver like that for us again!  Great article.

Crosby Nick:
Dover think Mellor is best remembered for this or for his 'lovely cushioned header'?

John C:
An unlikely hero saved the day to go down in Liverpool folklore - never to be forgotten.
And, yet another fantastic winner at the Kop end.

Great read mate.

Mutton Geoff:
Great post i loved watching Neil play for us, and to be fair he is good pundit now as well, as many said shame about the injury, he is still a legend in my eyes.


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