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Match Day Parking - Around Anfield?

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Just posted this somewhere, seems to have disappeared.. Really need to know this for the Wolves game.

Anyone know where the safest/best place is to park on a match day? i'm not from Liverpool so i have no idea where to park..

A fellow RAWK'r told me to drive around towards the ground and look out for some men in yellow jackets who offer to 'Mind your car' for 10..

Should i do that? Isn't there a proper car park anywhere near by?

Thanks in advance :)

Also, someone mentioned something about an 'The Dockers Club' that any good? postcode?  :wave

If you are happy to pay mate you shouldn't have a problem - you'll see decent enough car parks from whichever way you approach the ground.

It's finding a good spot without paying that is getting a bit trickier.  Just need to know the right places :)

Just drive as close to anfield as you can. theres hundreds of places to park! cant miss em... Every school and pub etc cashes in on matchday by charging stupid amounts.

how far you willing to walk?


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