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So as 2021 draws to an end we can look hope..that 2022 will open up for more for gigs and new musical experiences.

New music!!...think John Miles expressed it best in his 1970's epic 'Music'

Music was my first love,
and it will be my last,
Music of the future,
for Andy@Allerton to lambast

So true....

anyhoo! heres to a year of new exciting music...players, play on!..

Looking forward to this.

Eels, (formerly British) Sea Power, The Mysterines, Feeder, and Wet Leg are on my radar for the first few months. Need to take a look back at '18/19/20 to see who else I might expect to return. Looking forward to some new discoveries too - I've enjoyed what I've heard of New Dad and Bleach Lab on the radio.

I'm hoping of someone I've never heard off ,  blowing me away with a ' What the fuck is this!?'  moment

FKA Twigs, Mitski, Big Thief, Cate Le Bon, Shamir, and Beach House set for new albums early on.


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