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RAWK's new Writing Team Spyin' Kop:

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Great to see the site reinvigorated with a fresh approach to the writing. That Rushian fella sems to have a head on his shoulders.

We promise that there will be a new design of the site to showcase this properly. Soon.

Yeh its a really nice idea.

Are you setting up a 3-tier RAWK management system with Creative Director, Director of Ink, Director of Paper folding and Executive of Creative Ink Director?

How will the new scribes fit into this structure and are they allowed to bring in any of their existing back room staff?

Absolute gobshites to a man.

And Rhi  :-)

Who do you have to bribe to be noticed on here?!  :wanker  :wave  :D


--- Quote from: hitman89762000 on June  4, 2012, 02:01:01 pm ---Who do you have to bribe to be noticed on here?!  :wanker  :wave  :D

--- End quote ---


Great post that, mate. Good one.

(p.s. the cheque arrived)


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