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Wigan vs Liverpool - (Wednsday 10/11: 1945)

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Evening all, having a fierce argument. Trying to convince my mother that football is more important than Gray's Anatomy, so I can be with you all tonight. IF not I'll be watching via stream so I'd be a few minutes off.

E-mail scam artist Djphal has posted tonight's bench as: Hansen Shelvey Eccleston Spearing Ngog Poulsen Jovanovic. But starting XI the same. Word of mouth is that Roy is going a bit senile and reliving his Fulham days. The point of the bench is to strike fear into the other team's fans, not your own.

Tonight's game is brought to you by our sponsor, Cream Puffs®. Cream Puffs, the manly man's choice of snack™

Good luck guys I will be watching the match later at home as work interrupts during the week :(
Hoping for a good result.

Come on you reds!
 :scarf :scarf :scarf

I predict a hard fought 2-1 win.

Don't know if I can provide you with anything more then my little old self tonight. Mad men is unaccounted for and since Chakan took up his new job he has been pretty busy. Being classified information I can't give anything out, but for those who can read between the lines. Those big into politic might have noticed that the 1st lady has looked a lot happier since she hired her new personal assistant. Not saying there's anything behind it, just that it's an awful big "coincidence".

Seeing as it's same team, but nothing's been said about formation.

I hope we don't see Meireles wasted on the right. Yes he was good against Malouda & Cole, but Wigan hardly contend with Chelsea in left-wing quality

I do it for my country... that's all I allowed to say.


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