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Links or stories from The S*n & Other Unacceptable Sources

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It's not relevant to anything. An ex-player talking about an ex-manager from a banned source.

I can get through the day without it. Topics I give a fuck about:

The owners
The players
The ground
The World Cup

Things I couldn't give a flying fuck about:

Yossi moaning to Chris Bascombe.

Any Bascbombe / NOTW / S*n acolytes that just HAVE to have a say on their stories can use the "Your Comments" feature on their websites

Don't post their shite on here. It's not difficult to understand why they are blacklisted.

Jonathan Hall ☆☆☆☆☆☆:

--- Quote from: Demant on July 11, 2010, 02:46:58 pm ---@ Yossi-thread - there is a story about it on Guardian:

Is it possible to re-open it with a different source? It's very relevant even though it's against the common opinion on this forum.

--- End quote ---

It's not hard to understand with what it says in the story.

If people (not having a go at you) want to post things attributed to The S*n or NOTW i will invite them out for a drink to discuss...i'm sure loads of people in Liverpool would love to know the reasons why they are reading or qouting said rags.

Bascombe is a fucking disgrace.

I have never read an issue of either, but these news are all over the place - it's about the third biggest sports story in today's news after the final and the tour. That fact alone makes it relevant for at least the General Football forum. Principles and rules can be good, but only as long as they don't conflict with common sense. I realize that I can go to about every other Liverpool-forum to discuss this matter, but we all know that RAWK isn't just another Liverpool-forum, and that the discussions are generally better on this forum than on any other football-forums. That fact wont be compromised by discussing an article that has been written in (according to Google News) 129 newspapers in UK alone.

How is this not censorship in the same sense as LFC.TV, who (surprisingly) hasn't published the story either?

Why do you want to talk about it so much?

its a shit story anyway!

and any player, current or ex talking to one of those rags doesn't deserve discussing, they show no respect at all by even opening their mouth to either of those pieces of shit.



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