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Anfield Stadium / Re: Anfield Road Extension - Construction Underway
« Last post by TepidT2O on Today at 10:03:43 pm »
Watching the latest video, what really blows my mind is how they’re going to build a new stand with concourses etc… whilst still hints the old ones…..whilst removing the existing building (or are they just hiding it inside??

Blows my mind how you could plan that
General Football and Sport / Re: THE NON-LIVERPOOL TRANSFER THREAD
« Last post by Classycara on Today at 10:02:32 pm »
But the 11 wasn't ideal because our number 9 wasn't fit.

Fuck me, i give up. You've wrapped yourself in knots, instead of admitting you were wrong. We get it, you don't like him - still, he started in two finals last year and that's enough for me to think he's trusted by the manager

Yes I know the brazilians were injured, before you think I want to continue this fruitless discussion=
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: Naby Keita Watch
« Last post by red vinyl on Today at 10:00:49 pm »
There is no measurements to be made if a player isn’t fit, it’s plain to see if he went it wouldn’t be to much of a loss besides financial. In my opinion😳
News and Current Affairs / Re: India - deteriorating?
« Last post by Centurion99 on Today at 10:00:44 pm »
People surely have. After all, the partition largely affected only the northern part of subcontinent and India is a vast country. Having said that, has the political discourse/propaganda by the ruling party gotten over the partition? Nope, and I am looking at the present.

Delighted you are ‘living in the moment’ accepting life’s new configuration with a feeling of possibility in the future.  Not consumed by the historical legacy of Jinnah, Nehru and Mountbatten or by anger directed towards the democratically elected government or grief at the treatment of minorities or regret at the political discourse or shock at the erosion in India's old political values.

It is this constant outrage that is hijacking the rich, ancient, civilised culture of India and polluting minds in the present.
General Football and Sport / Re: LIVERPOOL TRANSFER THREAD
« Last post by rawcusk8 on Today at 10:00:38 pm »
“We’re short in midfield, sign anyone”

Linked with Championship player (calling bullshit)

“We don’t want him he’s not at our level”

Football fans eh, never happy.
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: Liverpool's Midfield
« Last post by newterp on Today at 09:58:58 pm »

Because things change? When we signed him both Trent and Robbo were unknowns.

We signed Thiago well after Trent and Robbo became mainstays.

If things change - shouldn't we also be changing the personnel to fit?
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: Naby Keita Watch
« Last post by Suareznumber7 on Today at 09:57:08 pm »
Okay then, he wasn’t the player the club thought they’d payed 50 odd million for as it turns out.

By "club" I'm assuming you mean Klopp and Edwards.  Do you have some sort of insight into what they thought they were getting when we signed Keita?  Because, if not, then it's still what YOU were expecting. 
Players holding their heads when they go down, regardless of what part of their body was fouled. Drives me up the fucking wall. They should automatically have to go off for a concussion assessment for 5 minutes if they do that, they'd soon cut it out.

This really does need to happen. It would stop that particular cheat overnight. It's pathetic.
Global TV audience. Monday night as a stand alone game attracts a lot of revenue. We are a massive draw for the TV audience. Once the CL resumes we can't play on a Monday, so the TV companies are filling their boots early on, while they can.

That's pretty interesting, didn't know that... sign of our ever increasing appeal due to success then...sweet
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: Naby Keita Watch
« Last post by Dim Glas on Today at 09:55:19 pm »
Okay then, he wasn’t the player the club thought they’d payed 50 odd million for as it turns out.

he probably was in terms of how he played/plays, surely despite the frustarations, we’ve seen that in him.  But in terms of durability and ability to play through niggles and to get and stay fit after numerous injuries - no, he wasn’t. 
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