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Trent Alexander-Arnold

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Seriously impressed, you could tune in without knowing the team and be thinking Clyne was playing.

King Klopp.:
He's brilliant. Will take over from Clyne eventually.

Bellerin broke through at Arsenal at 19 so no reason this lad can't break through. The bonus with him that gives him the edge over Clyne is he's miles better than Clyne on the ball. Hopefully a few years of training with Clyne will do him the world of good because Clyne is one of the leagues best defending RBs so working with him every day will really help him. If he can add a little muscle as well then that would help too.

Really exciting that TAA and Joe Gomez are both only 18/19 years old. Two exceptional talents in the making.


--- Quote from: PIPA23 on November 29, 2016, 09:46:01 pm ---looking like a solid back up for Clyne... we needed that, Clyne realy needs rest as he is playing always when fit...

imo good future ahead of this kid, looks solid for his age...

--- End quote ---
I get the feeling that if Clyne were to get injured or suspended he might find Alexander-Arnold very difficult to displace - I mean that cross today, A-A made look effortless something that Clyne would struggle to achieve from multiple attempts. That's no slight on Clyne either, he's a hugely consistent, solid, quality player, but I think Alexander-Arnold has a little bit of magic about him.

Quality cross for Origi's goal. Like the picture of him next to Carra from 7 years ago, when he was a mascot.

Even if he isn't the finished article yet, you can see he just screams quality.

Has everything to be a top, top level RB for us for 15 years.


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