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G1 Jockey 4(betfair):
to boldly go..........


--- Quote from: G1 Jockey 4(betfair) on February 14, 2012, 11:03:29 am ---to boldly go..........

--- End quote ---
Rather to boldly cut the NASA budget... 20% from planetary science as of yesterday...

It's Jimmy Corkhill:
Or fuck manned exploration off and send probes to the moons of the Solar System.

Titan, Europa and Enceladus all harbour pretty good hope for life. Fuck sending a man to Mars. Finding life elsewhere, as close as our own Solay System, would do more for the whole thing of space and it's exploration than sending a fella to Mars for a bit and then having to bring him back.

Andy @ Allerton!:
As a race we're pretty shite. Lobbed a couple of probes out of the solar system. Went to a moon that's a piss away from the Earth and haven't been back for years. Have managed a Space Station a few miles above the Earth and lobbed a few more probes into the Solar system before sticking a solar power bellend on the Moon.

I don't think we'll ever crack real space travel. The Yanks today said that they were going to pull out of pretty much everything.

If we get to Mars then China will be the country to do it.

But even then Mars is a hop, skip and a jump away compared to the billions of billions of billions of miles of travel we could do.

So pretty shite so far 1/10 humankind. Must try harder.

An ex-collegue of mine has just taken a job with Virgin Gallactic and will be one of first commercial Space Pilots, what are RAWK's thoughts on this venture or should that be adventure?  Will it lead to the want to go further into our known universe or just a jolly for the rich and famous?

EDIT - Here is a local news story about Keith.


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