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Ticketless fans in Paris

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we stayed at the fan zone all day and really enjoyed it. had a few cans outside and only went in for Jamie Webster, came back out for a while cos no way was I paying 9 euro for a beer. went back out for a while and had some food and a few more cans and then went back in for the game. we stayed at the very last screen and left as soon as the game ended.
did anyone else see Bruce grobbelaar having a beer in the fan zone?

Stayed at the fanzone for most of the day. Had a great time and the vibe and atmosphere was brilliant. Remember I was thinking that this feeling won`t come often an that it was one day of pure joy and fellowship.

Felt it was a little bit strange that the entrance was so narrow and that it seemingly were few "exits", but didn`t reflect more on it at the time.

Went to watch the game at Chalet Le Lac. Didn`t really hear about what made the game being postponed at first.

Was disappointed in the result of the game, but glad that I wasn`t at Stade de France.

UEFA, the French police, government and whoever were responsible for this farce must not get away with it.


--- Quote from: John C on May 31, 2022, 10:55:34 pm ---Thanks for replying folks, it's proven that fans did not travel over with a determination to get in the ground. So many of you stayed in the fan park illustrated the the photos.

The fucking lieing bastards.

--- End quote ---
Yep, exactly John - though could do with a few more photos/videos from those who stayed to watch the game and after, to prove the point further.

does anyone know what the story was with the lads in the Norwich kits up at the fan zone before the game?


Seemed as busy for the game, no ticketless exodus to the Stade de France. If they had the Metro would've clogged.


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