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UEFA CL Final Ballot Open

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--- Quote from: James_1906 on May 26, 2022, 04:47:09 pm ---I seem to remember for the Euros they had sales even on the day from what people told me? So not all hope lost I wouldnt say for anyojne not sorted, just keep checking emails!

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I went to England v Germany with a ticket the day before, although think a lot at the Euros were because of capacity increased/extra returns because of Covid and restrictions.

Is a bit mad that both clubs can have 20000+ eligible on waiting lists and UEFA arenít giving these extra tickets to the clubs. I know theyíre Ďneutralí but the tickets are still going to reds/Madrid fans

Any late spares please?

Desperate for a ticket if anyone has spare please.
Currently in Paris.

Still looking for two if anyone has anything going.

Iím refreshing my emails to see if I uefa want to send me a ticket link 😅

Safe travels everyone.


--- Quote from: includo on May 26, 2022, 05:41:40 pm ---Yeah thatís the email people who were able to purchase got, gutting that mate

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Link just goes through to the normal site though, so assuming only people who have chosen accounts/login can see when tickets become available? Kind of like our ticketing site?


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