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--- Quote from: gravy red on April  7, 2022, 09:07:05 pm ---Lisbon to Stanstead flight was supposed to be 20-55 delayed until 23-10 (earliest estimated time)  :no. There a few Reds about fir this flight as well

--- End quote ---

Was delayed Wednesday as well. If you miss the last train from Stansted into Liv Street, the airbus was actually pretty quick.

We flew from Lisbon to Nantes yesterday at 10am which was 5 minutes early.
But than connection flight to Manchester was meant to be 5pm but left only at 8:35pm and once landed in Manchester waited over an hour on runway before could leave.
Got home at 11pm.

Our flight made headway from Nantes but was 3 hours and 4 minutes late so bring that compensation will pay for next European away.

I went on the tour on Thursday and spoke with the guide about the policing. He said the police were spooked over some incidents with Ajax fans so have ramped it up ever since then. Just completely unnecessary really.

I got off at the station after the one most people did and walked around the ground. Was a security cordon between their fans. I told a Police officer I was a Liverpool fan and he let me go past. Literally just walked up the steps into the ground... nobody even checked my ticket, bizarre.

Also, they seemed to usher everyone into one block in the first half. Block 23 (IIRC) was dangerously packed on the stairwells for parts of that half.

police where a joke before & after....stop/start going back to the metro what a joke....then dropping you off at the end of the line!
couldnt wait for someone to be out of line!
heavy handed as in seville.
most benfica fans are LFC fans anyway(english team) & we had no problems wherever we went.
stopped off Rossio so everything was easy to get to.

went faro route so missed the lisbon issues.

great result.....hate the netting in grounds.


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