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--- Quote from: redandwhitekuyt on April 15, 2022, 04:43:01 pm ---“UEFA President Aleksander Čeferin today announced that fans of the participating teams at this year's club competition finals will be offered a substantial number of free tickets for these showcase games to reward them for their support for European football during the COVID crisis”

1. A hint that it’s related to people who travelled through covid.

“Each of the finalist clubs will be able to use these tickets to reward their most loyal supporters (i.e. longest-serving season ticket-holders, those who attended most away games, etc.), but these tickets cannot be given to sponsors, partners or club officials.“

2. It then suggests long serving fans

It’s going to be down to club how they want to do it. Probably say that the fans who are guaranteed a ticket will get it free. Any free tickets left will be given to the order they come out in the ballot until the 5k are exhausted.

--- End quote ---

I don't think it's intentions are to specifically reward people who travelled through Covid - it's about continuing to support football even when things were locked down etc.

The Club pushed UEFA to be able to subsidise ticket prices instead of giving 5000 away for free.  The Club has won I believe and most supporters will be getting slightly cheaper tickets now.

So now just dear not extortionate ::)


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