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Euro away without credits

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About time they ensured that whoever enters the ground gets the credit rather than who buys.

Craig S:

--- Quote from: tgi91 on May 13, 2022, 04:58:44 pm ---For next season, are we thinking that Euro Aways will go to 19/20 criteria only, or back as far as 18/19?

Last 2 aways I've got on my record were Barca & Roma, so keen to get back on the ladder.

Also interested to know if there is any hope whatsoever (without the Ukrainian / Russian teams) on a Euro away going to all members next season for my old man, or am I dreaming on that one?

--- End quote ---

They will only go back to Barca if there is an allocation in excess of Atleti. That was 3,328.

As the minimum allocation for euro aways is 5% (although some teams give a higher %), you would need us to be drawn in a ground with a capacity greater than 66k, to go back to Barca as a credit.

Maybe if we get a huge allocation somewhere they may use Barca, but that will be it.


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