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Match Day Parking - Around Anfield?

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Do you have to book to park on Stanley Park or can you just turn up on the day and pay? My mum comes to the European Games and we normally park near the Asda but the walk is becoming too much for her.


--- Quote from: redforlife on October 29, 2023, 07:14:28 am ---Depends what you class as walking distance, but I usually park around Brewster Street, near Kirkdale station, and it's about a 25/30 minute walk from there.

--- End quote ---
This was a great shout for the Brighton game. Parked outside the Liverpool Car Centre and had minimal traffic for the drive home. I did spot some 'Free' parking areas on Carisbrooke Road within the residential zone during the walk to Brewster Street.

We’ve got an Airbnb for the last game of the season on Rockfield Road.

Any idea what time on the Sunday it will get closed by the police ?

We have a permit to park outside

Looks like 4 hours based on this

Thank you


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