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Match Day Parking - Around Anfield?

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Where’s the place to park on match day for free or cheap (Less than a tenner) within walking distance of the ground as not been the match in a while?

Depends what you class as walking distance, but I usually park around Brewster Street, near Kirkdale station, and it's about a 25/30 minute walk from there.

Depends on what side of the ground you need to be but Anfield Community Sports Centre on Lower Breck Road is a good option. 10 min walk up Walton Breck passing The Cabbage, Flat Iron and the Sandon.

Lots of parking charges handed out by community officers during the last 2 homes. Watch you don't block the path if you park further out than The Belmont , and obviously don't park in the permit only areas.

Beware anyone who uses Asda on Utting Avenue L4 9XU to park on match days, I usually park there and noticed today they’ve got new Parking Eye signs up around the car park and 2 x big ANPR cameras on entry. 90 minutes parking for match days, plenty folk parking there today for the match and may end up with a fine through the post…. I had to find elsewhere to park


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