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Match Day Parking - Around Anfield?

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I'll mind yer car lad.


--- Quote from: stevieG786 on December 29, 2010, 01:55:22 am ---Anyone know where the safest/best place is to park on a match day?...
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If you are prepared to lash out 10 to park in a carpark, or 3 to a kid to "mind your car" then all will be well.  (And don't tell the kid you'll pay him after the match because "you have no change")  They aren't thick, they have to live on their wits in L4.

Until after the game, when the closer you have parked to the stadium, the longer you will be stuck in a traffic jam trying to escape.

Also, watch out for parking on yellows or resident parking bays as wardens work on match nights enforcing the parking exclusion zone.

So, what to do?

Try this for an idea:  Park at Sandhills Railway Station, postcode is L5 9XN.

There you will find unlimited, free parking.   The yellow lines there finish at 18,00h

You will also find here the bus-stop outside the station entrance for the "SoccerBus" which will take you to Anfield Stadium in 10 minutes for 1.50 return.

After the game, the buses return you to the station, avoiding the traffic, and run up to 45 mins after the match ends.  The return trip will also take 10mins.

You will then be perfectly placed parking-wise to exit Liverpool along the Dock Road towards Aigburth and Runcorn Bridge then M56 to join up with M6.

Believe me, it's well worth it to avoid the dramas and expense of parking close to the ground.

Park in town and bus (27 or 17, there are others inc a soccer bus) up and down. Total around a tenner. Buy chips for the wait for the return bus.

Or park near the ground (one of the local schools will sort you if youre early enough), watch match, dont leave early, buy a bag of chips, wait in car eating chips listening to post match on radio.

Or free parking on St Domingo Rd or Robson St and a 10-15 minute walk, (with chips).

Any route out that misses Queens Drive and the M62 is recomended. If youre going the other way, theres a good chance that the Birkenhead tunnel closes at 10PM.

Best chippy, Fung Lok on Breck Rd.

Crosby Nick:

--- Quote from: Mikuss on December 29, 2010, 02:28:40 am ---Every time I've parked on a street where a kids minded me car it's been sound, as long as your cool with them, they'll be fine with you generally.

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Same here. My Dad has been parking in residential areas for 20 odd years and I think had his window put through once. Can't remember the name of the road though so not much help to you!

I always park by the shops on Walton Breck Road.


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