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--- Quote ---These threads are not discussion threads - do not post anything other than tickets definitely wanted, or tickets definitely available on these threads. Use other threads for discussions on ticket availability and selling arrangements, allocations, pricing, chat, etc. Irrelevant posts will be removed; repeat offenders will be barred.

Do not post a request for tickets wanted more than once in any Exchange thread.
--- End quote ---

A re-re-reminder of the above.  Can you please think twice before starting a new thread on this board.  Logic suggests that people who are capable of starting a new thread are also capable of reading the terms and conditions of posting.  If they continue to ignore them then logic suggests they'll have their posting rights removed.  Obey logic!

Bob Kurac:
Updated with important information re the use of Instant Messages, and the need to update posts regularly, even if not sorted.


N.B. New rule concerning ticket swaps added.


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