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Can anyone recommmend any decent websites for buying chepa TVs ?

I'm trying to pickup a 32" CRT for my parents, and trying to find a website that is prepared to deliver to Northern Ireland and actually has stock of the sets they advertise.

Just to make it tricker ideally I want something with narrow sides (like the Toshiba picture frame models) and 3 scarts (or 2 scarts plus component).

I thought it would have been quite easy but it hasn't, Dixons keeps showing ludicrously cheap prices on some of the models I was interested in but has no stock and seems unlikely to ever have any.

Empire Direct seem to have a fair selection, but not sure about their delivery regions I'm afraid.

Comet are good for this.

Panasonic make the best telly's.

Ben S:
Ebuyer sell tellys and stuff now, no idea how the are compaired with others but might be worth a look.

Cheers for the tip Ben, one of my favourite sites, unfortunately they don't seem to have any in stock that are suitable.

Comet won't deliver to NI.

Empire direct looks my best bet so far, has their service improved, I know a few years ago they had a lousy reputation on order fulfillment.

Actually they charge an extra 50 for delivery to NI of that size of TV as well so not quite so attractive after all


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