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Bayer Leverkusen - and the meeting of Rafa

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About time, but very worth the wait ;D

Top report mate.  Reading about the day after the match brought it all back and a massive smile to me face.  I've got this picture of all of us (jon h, shazz, bob k, dave, christine, sair, christine, me, jim jnr and snr, mooro and kenny) looking absolutely shattered, with beers in hand taken over most of the tables in papa joes with jon h over one side of the place and jim snr over the other in what was a tirade of very good and very cringe worthy jokes and stories.  A right double act they were and perfect for those who didn't have the energy (or voice hey chris ;) ) to talk as all we had to do was laugh ;D  A great way to spend your last few hours before a flight.

And "Shazz we've got a plane to catch!" will forever be etched in my mind ;D
As will Sair's "I'm always so careful with money" face when her wallet was delivered back from the toilet bowl ;D

"Me me me", "Tell Dietmar Dietmar" and "Number one is Carragher" got a good few airings there too!



feel free to use that if you want as its my pic.

Top report Christine!!

So many stories, so many new friends met and such a class time!

Cheers everyone, it was great!

hooded claw:
You said your post would explain why you were knackered yesterday, and you said it had taken you ages.
It was worth it.
Absolute  class, Chris.
 :wellin :wellin :wellin

Absolutely brilliant -  thanks for posting ;D


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