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HBO Series:- The Last of Us [spoiler tags approach applies!]

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The reviews look very, very good, and from a none gamers perspective.

Really looking forward to this - loved the game & its story and I'm currently watching Chernobyl & thoroughly impressed by it (Craig Mazin writer, creator, and executive producer for both).

Interesting line to toe to avoid spoilers between the tv and gaming (I've not played part 2) threads!

Nobby Reserve:
I'm not a gamer, so had never even heard of this, let alone played it.

I'm not going to be the only one watching the TV show, so please use spoiler tags!!


I haven't got Sky Atlantic, but can log in to access it via the app - how much of a lag time is there between a broadcast and something reaching the app, and will each episode feature as breaks or do things show without ads on Sky Atlantic (and the app?).

Totally stoked for this. Can't wait. When I played the first game on ps3, must have been about 10 years ago, I told my wife that it was like an HBO drama. The storylines, scripting and acting were that good. Call me Nostro bleeding damas!


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