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--- Quote from: Claire. on September 20, 2023, 09:56:47 am ---When they were first introduced you had to pick them up and bring ID with proof of address. It's hard to do now cos NFC and the free accounts, but it's not like can't use say the billing address for the payment card.

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That is an good shout alright, while reading that fan forum minutes it was said they introduced credit card checks to stop people buying more than the allotted amount in a sale( I think 4) easily could check the payment address on a card for local sales


--- Quote from: Claire. on September 20, 2023, 09:28:31 am ---Considering there's often about 50k in the queue for tickets and only 500 of them... long ;D

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And when the ones who are actually buying them don't even go into the queue anyway, it's even more pointless!

had a nightmare today with getting distracted and so far managed to fuck up getting in the pre-queue for both sales.

bring on the ballots 😂

Queue number 3317 for the LGS for Leicester  ;D ;D ;D

Club have posted ballot figures for USG Local Gen, 1 in 13 chance. Thought that’s pretty good? 6.3k entries compared to the 80,000 in the queue of a sale day…


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