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Barefoot Doctor:
Just been officially announced by Warner Bros at Comic Con. Directed by Zack Snyder, it's essentially a sequel to Man of Steel.

Cavill, Adams, Fishburne all set to return. Batman still to be cast.


Mr Dilkington:

Too soon after the new Batman, and it's not like Man of Steel was anything to write home about.

So uninspiring.

Ray K:
And its Zack Snyder so at best it'll be meh.

They really need to make that Patton Oswald one.

Barefoot Doctor:
It's a total money grab. MoS was massively flawed for me, but I was looking forward to sequels where he tackled the likes of Luthor and Braniac. Those can still happen, I suppose, but you know everyone will be more interested in Batman than Superman going into this film.

The fact it's being exec-produced by Chris Nolan makes me wonder if he'll allow them to use his Batman in it. Not sure I'd be happy with that though, loved Bale but think we need a fresh take.

Malaysian Kopite:
Aww yiss.

Muthafuckin Bats and Supes.


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