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Binged through ' The English' , thought it was fantastic, Emily Blunt so good in this

Kenny's Jacket:
For my next Instalment of British Dramas that everyone as probably already seen or wont be watching.

Malpractice on ITV is pretty good, Medical drama with and interesting plotline and stars the wonderful Niamh Algar.
Only 5 episodes so its well paced too.

afc tukrish:
Just watched first episode of Shoresy, spin-off of Letterkenny...

If you liked the one, the spin-off will be right up your alley...

Buck Pete:

--- Quote from: Jean Girard on May 31, 2023, 07:06:50 pm ---Not sure I've been more excited for anything than I am for the Gallow's Pole tonight.

--- End quote ---

Any good?

The G in Gerrard:

--- Quote from: Buck Pete on June  5, 2023, 12:57:53 pm ---Any good?

--- End quote ---
Thought it wasn't anything special myself..not much happened in first episode imo.


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