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SPOILERS The Chainless Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon Discussion

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10 minute preview for Game of Thrones is online now, this was shown before the Boardwalk Empire season finale.

or if you wanna download it - /

Andy @ Allerton!:
Thought the books were great.

If it's successful, there is plenty of other fantasy stuff they could have a crack at, like the Covenant books, anything by Feist and anything by Moorcock.

Finn Solomon:
Winter is fuckin' coming!;hl=en

Dr Manhattan:
Gonna be boss as fuck this, I can feel it.

Not sure I can wait until April though, especially with The Walking Dead and Boardwalk Empire being over.

Hmm, didn't think I'd be into this but that does look pretty good. I loved Rome, so a repeat performance of that would be very welcome!


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