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Looking at getting a new 42" Plasma TV in the new year - hoping for a decent sale and to pick up a good brand for about 600.  Have been looking at getting Sky HD but been put off with the 299 charge for a box and the 10 monthly fee (on top of the 65 a month I pay them at moment for Sky+ with Multiroom and Broadband).

Any existing subscribers on here who could give me a rundown on whether they feel the product is good value, is there that much HD content on Sky Sports and Movies??  From what I've read there's only really the live footy, rugby and cricket in the UK thats broadcast in HD for now.

If you have already got Sky, pay about 160 for a HD box off Ebay, call Sky and get your card paired with the HD box.
And get a quad LNB aswell.
That's if you know what you're doing, like.

do you have to pay an extra tenner a month if you've already got sky+ and multiroom? i wanna get it, but bill is already pretty high... sports, sky+, multiroom, base charge, setanta.. soon adds up..

Fighting Irishman:
I have it, agreed its quality for the footie, but if you want my advice, dont bother just yet. There are only 12 dedicated HD channels. Most of them air crap, sky 1, sky arts, the discovery channel is AMAZING in HD but like I said, Im sorry I got it in the 1st place!!

Like Ferg said...get box, quad lnb, and cable of ebay - which I did - 175 all in.   My subs are 37 for subscription, 10 HD, 9.99 Setanta.  It does all mount up...And as mentioned there are not that many HD channels yet.  Great for the Footy, and I like me BBC HD too but there aint much else i spose.


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