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New Oasis album confirmed for the end of May.

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"On May 16th 2005 Oasis return with a brand new single entitled 'Lyla'. The track is taken from the band's hugely anticipated new album entitled 'Don't Believe The Truth', which follows two weeks later on May 30th on Big Brother Recordings.

Noel Gallagher believes that 'Lyla' is a true Oasis classic. "It's The Who. 'Lyla' was specifically designed for pogoing. We wrote 66 tracks and 'Lyla' was one that we revisited late on and it's ended up on the album. I'm happy with every track on the album."

'Don't Believe The Truth' is the sixth Oasis studio album - their first since the number one multi-million selling 'Heathen Chemistry', released in 2002.

Crowning what will be an extraordinary 2005, Oasis will embark on an extensive world tour that includes nine huge shows in the UK - including seven stadium gigs. Tickets for these dates sold out in record time, even challenging the speed with which they sold out their legendary Knebworth shows of 1996. Oasis have just added shows in Newcastle and Ireland in the face of phenomenal demand. Further UK and European dates to be announced soon.

Furthermore, Oasis will return to North America for the first time since 2002, playing their biggest US shows to date. Their show at the legendary 14,000 capacity Madison Square Gardens in New York on 22nd June sold out in an hour. Check out the tour page for all the dates!

Make sure you keep checking back to oasisinet over the next couple of weeks for more exciting announcements!!!!! "


Getting there!  ;D Phonics and Coldplay's new stuff sounds class aswell!

Bo Bo:
did'nt think anyone cared about that 4th rate manc band.....

Can't wait. Despite the jealousy of the envious, still the best band around by a mile!

is right. can't wait.

i quite liek the old name "The Ear HAs No Memory", :)
My dad is going to complain again if he know they are launching new album. I used to make him listen to Oasis for more than 6 years whenever we stuck in the same car ... I rule the car audio :)


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