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Apple Musicís top 100 albums

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--- Quote from: rob1966 on May 27, 2024, 04:44:01 pm ---Ten - Pearl Jam not in it?

--- End quote ---
Itís the top 100, not the top million Rob ;)

The number of these lists that have Lauren Hill at the top staggers me.  Higher than the most influential albums of all time.  I just donít get it.  Maybe itís a US thing?

Itís a decent album but nothing groundbreaking. Borrows a lot from better artists that should feature more highly. It seems to have influenced a lot of people, though. Thing is with these lists, Iíd struggle to name my own top 10 favourite albums so itís never going to be definitive. And my top list would be extremely subjective too - with choices being purely emotional or nostalgic. I just find them fascinating as they usually throw up some Iíve not heard.

Are my eyes deceiving me or does this list omit Sgt Peppers, the White Album, Achtung Baby, Wish You Were HereÖ!

Iím all for seeing past the obvious choices of 50+ year old rock records but fuck me that is just wrong. There is no way there is 100 better albums than WYWH,
I refuse to believe it!

Again, itís all subjectivity. Iíd personally have abbey road over the white album and sgt pepper. Iíve always felt the white album was too bloated. Achtung baby is the first cd I ever bought and I still think itís excellent but likely wouldnít make my top 100 but Joshua tree probably would. WYWH is phenomenal, but many PF fans wouldnít have it as their fave album.

My personal number one would probably be Nevermind. Objectively, itís likely not the best album ever made, but subjectively nothing comes close to the impact it had on me.

I see your point, Iím a huge Pink Floyd fan and Wish You Weíre Here isnít my favourite of theirs, that accolade goes to Animals, but I understand that album is a bit more polarising so wouldnít expect it on this list but Wish You Weíre Here simply must be in my opinion.

I also agree regards the Beatles. Iíd go one further and say Sgt Peppers isnít in my top 5 Beatles records but that is my personal taste. For the cultural impact and lasting legacy alone itís a must have. Itís not like theyíve only selected one album from each artist (there is Kid A and OK Computer for example)

Ah well I wonít lose any sleep over it :)


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