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The previous wrestling thread was deleted because the mods were getting too many report notices so let's keep it civil and not work ourselves into a shoot, brothers.

Starred thread. Keep it civil or we'll lock, delete and ban. It's a footie site and youse fans of muscle-bound actors in spandex getting yer knickers in a twist set our teeth on edge.

Oh and tubby, you're welcome mate :wave

Ta.  Here's a belt in your honour.

Haha you fuckin loon ;D

Of course, the downside is that every time I hit "New replies" I'm gonna see a bleedin wrestling thread in the list  :no :lickin

my usenme changed?:
Is anyone watching Supershow today? II understand the ethics and morality around it so I guess it wont be a huge number. I probably would have tuned in tbf but I cancelled my subscription to the network a fortnight ago thinking I'll still have access to this but my access ended yesterday!


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