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The 1989 Brit Awards:
In Philadelphia Freedom (Elton John), when he says "shine a light, shine a light", I thought it said "Shangri-laaa, Shangri-laa".

My dad thought, for 60 years, that in Hey Jude, Paul was sing Hey Youuu: I explained to him why where did "Jude" came from, and he still thinks I'm talking bs  ;D.

Frank Becton:
The ABBA song Super Trouper.

I was sick and tired of everything
When I called you last night from Glasgow

Whenever I hear it I swear they say Tesco not Glasgow.

Riders on the Storm - I always thought "Into this house were born, into this world were thrown" was "A Judas has been born, a Judas will de throne"

No roots, Alice Mertons.

For the first 6 weeks, I kept singing "No rules".

[new username under construction]:
Never imagined in Let's Go Crazy it was 'step/slip on a purple banana'


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