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Date for 2nd Leg?

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Does anyone know whether the 2nd leg will be played on the 9th or 10th April as I want to book my flight? Nearest airports are Cologne and Dusseldorf right??

Probably appear on the official site site soon. Have to wait to get the agreement of TV companies, etc, so that no clash with MU fixture (I'd assume).

Hopefully will be some time this afternoon.

Craig S:
What if we have to play away on the 9th?
We've got Blackburn on the 7th.
Have to cancel the Grand national & play on Saturday ;D

Cool. Will look out for it. Just wanna get the flight booked asap before the prices rocket!

Steve_M the Mancs will be at home when we are away so there will be no clash of fixtures. The only parameters will be what the TV companies want to do.

Cynical Moi?


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