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Anelka to Arsenal ???????

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Read in the sun today that apparently NA "wants to play for Arsenal"
Now it`s most probably a load of bollocks, but attention has to be focused on exactly what role his two money grabbing brothers have to do with all this. After all it was these guys who orchestrated his earlier move from Ars and seem to have a big lean on his future and his actions.
These chaps are extremely money motivated and seem to have used young Anelka as a "Pawn in a game".
     Now lets take it that Anelka WANTS to play for Liverpool (judging on his past performances I think he does) Lets keep his medling brothers out of it.
     On the other hand his move to Liverpool could be one of him trying to get himself a good reputation with a good club to A:  Aid his International cause  (Fair enough)
   and B:  Elevate his price tag for the end of his loan spell.
          Lets say this happens and HE wants to stay at Liverpool AND we want him, what are his brothers going to do about it, are they going to go with his heart or are they going to cash in on their well executed plan? Does this plan include a much wiser Anelkas input?      
                        We will wait and see.......

The s*n?

I swore before.

This is mor b****cks from the S*n. Don't but the f@*king rag. We have probably the result of the season, so what do they do - try and stir some sh!t. All they can do is knock success.

Craig S:
Ths S*n  are :wanker: :wanker: :wanker: :wanker:
If it's in there it must be true.
I trust their journalistic integrity not to just make sensationalist stories up. It's not like they've done that before, is it.

Why are you reading this rag? Please don't tell me you gave them money for it too.

Hope you dont mind me putting this on Evo, but....

Don't buy the sun!

"The Sun's dead good, it's got birds with big knockers.
Take them in work and decorate your lockers.
The sport in it's boss, especially the racin'.
And the 'oroscopes tell us the day we're all facin'."

"Don't you remember, you ignorant swine?
All the lies they told in eighty-nine.
Let me remind you just what they said.
We pissed on the bizzies and robbed our own dead."

"But the telly page's sound, they've got bingo and lotto.
And on one of the pages there's a nice little motto.
Anyway Evo I just didn't know.
It doesn't matter now it was so long ago."

"It does fuckin' matter! It matters a lot.
People had children they've no longer got.
People had fathers they'll no longer see.
They said that I killed them, they said it was me!"

"Shut up will you Evo. You're always bangin' on.
Hillsborough and justice, all that carry on.
Anyway Evo get out of me face.
It's only a newspaper in any case."

"It's not a newspaper. A newspaper has news.
Not made up stories with which to abuse.
What they said was "The Truth" were scurrilous lies.
We got no apology. What a surprise!"

"All right then Evo what should I buy?
Tell me one, give me the reason why.
Which one do you think stands out from the rest?
The Mirror, The Echo, which one's the best?"

"Don't buy the Sun. It's fit only to burn.
Don't buy the Sun. There's nothing you'll learn.
I'll say it once more and then I'll be done.
Buy what you want but DON'T BUY THE SUN!"

Peter Etherington

R.I.P THE 96



*YAWN* Anelka to Arsenal *YAWN* Anelka unhappy with Thompson *YAWN* Anelka to retire *YAWN* Anelka blah blah blah.....

S*n =  :wanker: :wanker: :wanker: :wanker:


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