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Aye youre right - maybe they could have done more but they HAVE acted which doesnt normally happen with UEFA!!

The punishment for both teams was disqualification first and foremost.

The Norwegian ref at Anfield on Tuesday night was certainly on our side - though not as much as the ref the week before at Barca.  I don't want to take anything away from a fantastic performance from Les Rouge but I was surprised (and refreshed) to see a Euro ref that let a match be played in a physical english style yet took absolutely none of the usual sly european tactics employed to win a match by unfair means and foul.

And in Istanbul the Barca goal from Luis Enrique was clearly offside - though strangely the TV footage beamed back to us conveniently changed camera at the point when we could have seen the offside clearly.

I would have liked to see Roma in the last eight as opposed to another Spanish one - Roma also proved that they were better than Barca in their two group matches.  However having seen the farcical scenes at the end of the Roma vs Gala match I have to conclude that justice, by whatever means, has been served.

Sorry for being thick, but how much is a Swiss Frank, and is this likely to be anything more than a slap on the wrist to a club like Roma ?

Would guess at 10 to which would be 20,000 fine and a is slap on the wrist. However they also have to play a European game away from home,which will mean loss of money and home advantage.

Biggest thing is that they must have upset UEFA as Roma episode was mentioned on TV before to-days draw. This could count against them in future in all sorts of ways I reckon. Norwegian  ref selected for game on Tuesday being only one.


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