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The History of The Boys' Pen at Anfield

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I know a lad who only ever went in the boys pen once, he became an Evertonian after his experience, it was a rough gaff if you were on your own and timid. Whenever I went on my own it was advisable to stay close to the old fella who was similar to todays stewards, once you got recognised you were accepted. One thing hasn`t  been mentioned it was still all ticket for the derbies, some of the  bigger kids that got in for derbies were in their 40`s.

My first game in the Boy’s Pen was against West Brom in October 1963. Gordon Milne scored the only goal and from then on LFC was my first love (until I met my wife of course!).
I went on my own as all of my mates supported the Millionaires Club over the Park. I was a skinny little runt with NHS specs and I will never understand how I didn’t get beaten up every week cos I must have been a bully’s dream!
Our kid eventually joined us and a lad I got to know who lived by the Clarence Pub in Utting Avenue used to stand with us together with his sister. Now that was a rarity – a female in the Boy’s Pen. An attractive one too!
Apart from someone trying to pinch my programme once and someone trying to pick my pocket, I can only recall getting punched once by my fellow supporters (!). It was a very scary place to be in. The Bobby on duty was never really interested in what was going on in the Pen so you had to try really hard not to catch the eye of the tough lads!
There was no way I would have tried to climb out of the Pen – just not hard enough! It was quite astonishing to see the way some of the lads got out. Climbing up on to the girders which could only have been about a foot wide, high above the crowd. How nobody fell to their death is a bit of a miracle.
The best two games I watched from there were the game against Arsenal when we won the league in 1963/4 and the best game of all for me v Inter Milan in 1965. That was the best atmosphere I have ever experienced in my life. I dropped my school bag off at home and legged it up to the ground and still had to queue up for ages but it was well worth the wait!
I graduated up to the Annie Road end in 1965/6 and then spent time in the Paddock before moving in to the Kop where I have been ever since.
I can’t say I am a better person for having spent time in the Boy’s Pen – I’m just fortunate that I survived the experience - hence the comment by my avatar!

the 92A:

--- Quote from: kriss on February  8, 2013, 02:42:16 am ---Richie, I think the point is that I feel it is important that people know because in another generation's time a lot of supporters won't even remember the Boys' pen in the Kop, never mind that it used to be in the old Kemlyn Road Stand. Personal testimony is important but the number of people who can give those testimonies/personal memories is decreasing all the time. I just think it is important to get some sort of record down now so that supporters of today can realise what it was like in a different era. Some of this might go in a book and it might not. I just want it recorded and here is as good a place as any other.

--- End quote ---
Spot on Kriss, that's exactly why we started the history thread, I'll leave this in here to get some attention then move it across, thanks for taking the time.

Enjoyed reading the OP and look forward to other people's memories in here too. :)

You do remember that Everton had a boys pen too. In fact it was the first boys pen.

Both horrid places.


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