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Stoke City - Britannia Stadium
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Squad Profile & Fixtures

Stoke City Football Club Ltd
Address: Britannia Stadium, Stanley Matthews Way, Stoke-on-Trent, ST4 4EG
Telephone: 0871 663 2008
Ticket Office: 0871 663 2007
Capacity: 28,383
Away end: 2,800

For a street map of the area & the ground click here

By Road
Leave the M6 at Junction 15 and then go straight across the roundabout onto the A500 towards Stoke. Continue along the A500 passing over the junction with the A34. Leave the A500 at the next slip road following signs for the A50 towards Derby. Turn right at the next roundabout and then move into the left hand lane and then onto the slip road. You can see the stadium over on your right. Turn right at the top of the slip road and then right at the next roundabout for the stadium. The Britannia is quite well signposted. Car parking at the stadium costs £5.

By Rail
Stoke station is just under three miles from the stadium and really is too far to walk, so it is probably best to hire a taxi. Tim Rigby a visiting Wolves fan adds 'there are some shuttle buses than run from Glebe Street in Stoke up to the Britannia Stadium, which depart every 15 minutes before kick off. There are return buses after the game back to Glebe Street from behind the Sentinel (East) Stand'.

Björn Sandström adds; 'To catch this bus, turn right from the station and head down Station Road. At the bottom of Station Road at the traffic lights by the Roebuck Hotel, turn right to go along Leek Road (A52). Then go straight across the A500 dual carriageway and into Glebe Street which is straight across in front of you. You should then see the line of buses that will take you to the stadium. It is only about a five minute walk from the station'.

The shuttle bus costs for a return ticket £3 Adults, £2 Children and £1.50 OAP's.

Pub Guide and extras
There are a distinct lack of pubs near to the ground as it is built away from other buildings. Therefore I would recommend that you grab a drink on the way into Stoke. James Diamond informs me 'There is a Holiday Inn and Harvester Pub next to the ground. Car parking in the Harvester car park costs £3'. Also close to the stadium is a Power League complex that also has a bar, which also allows in away fans, shows SKY television and you can even park in their car park for £4.50. Otherwise alcohol is available at the back of the away end, but queues can be lengthy, especially if there is a big support.

Away Fans:
Away fans are housed on one side (towards the Players Tunnel and Main Stand) of the South Stand at one end of the ground, where around 2,800 supporters can be accommodated. This stand is shared with home fans on the other side. At first I was quite perturbed by a large sign advising fans that persistent standing would result in ejection from the ground, however the facilities and view of the action from this stand are good. The concourse is adequate and there is a large choice of refreshments available such as Wrights pies at £2 each, sausage rolls (£1.50), cheeseburgers (£2.40), rollover hot dogs (£2.60) and chips (£1.30). Alcohol is also available in the form of Carlsberg lager (bottles £3), Bitter (pint £2.50), Strongbow cider (can £2.50) and Smirnoff Ice (bottle £2.60).

The stadium is quite high up in an exposed position and the open corners can mean that a cold wind can whip through the stadium, so bear this in mind, especially in the winter months. I thought the inside of the stadium was quite disappointing being rather bland and lacking character, although I'm sure that this can be developed in time. Listen out though for the Stoke anthem 'Delilah' being sung by the home fans, they can still give a great rendition of that Tom Jones classic song.

On the whole though the Britannia Stadium, is not a great day out, as there are very few pubs close to the stadium and even fewer away friendly ones. It is also worth bearing mind though that the Stoke fans are passionate about their club and this can make for an intimidating atmosphere, so it is best to keep colours covered around the ground. Don't be surprised if you are kept in after the game, in a fenced off compound to the rear of the away stand. It is not an uncommon sight for a number of Stoke fans to congregate, generally trying to bait the away supporters, until the Police move them on.

Stadium Plan

Disabled Facilities:


Toilets and Catering. 13 adapted toilets of good condition directly behind stands in the concourses, as are catering outlets with low-level counters.


The stadium has good access and facilities. Signposted from the nearby M6 motorway. Car parking is provided onsite with wheelchair spaces for 32 Home and 10 away. 120 spaces reserved for orange / blue badge holders. Access is on one level into the stadium.

Wheelchair Places

91 Home, 21 Away. The 120 Home are all mid-tier in the Sentinel, McEwans and North Stands.

Away mid-tier in the Signal Radio Stand. All covered, with helper seats mainly in front.

Expect restricted viewing if fans in rows in front stand.

Best place there for pre match drinks??


Annoyed Grunt:

--- Quote from: LukeLFC on January  5, 2010, 12:08:16 pm ---Best place there for pre match drinks??


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What pub he means :D
Didn't everyone go the Stoke Uni last time !


--- Quote from: Annoyed Grunt on January  5, 2010, 12:43:44 pm ---Pub?

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Good Idea, didn't think of that!
Any decent ones around for away fans


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