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European and World Champion and all round Big Man Joseph Dave Gomez

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So Joe's been given the number 12.

I noticed this during the game the other day and thought that was strange given how their is still a lot of chatter about a loan.

This would suggest he's not getting loaned out this season which I am thrilled about, I personally thought he looked very very good in the first half and it seems Rodgers agree's with me:

"I was pleased for all the new players that played, I thought James Milner was outstanding, showed his quality, his intensity. Nathaniel Clyne was excellent, I thought young Joe Gomez in the first half came in and was very, very good."

Backup right back sorted lads.
First choice left back sorted lads.


--- Quote from: Bendomac on July 15, 2015, 04:18:31 pm ---Backup right back sorted lads.

--- End quote ---

I thought we needed a backup LB ??? ;)

a certain mr maguire wants a chat mate

The 2nd half with Clyne and Maguire looks good to be honest. Whipped in a wicked ball across the goal that for sure would end up in the net if origi is a bit sharper or we had a player running to the back post.

Back on topic, Jomez(thats what im going to call him from now on) :D looks more at ease at right back compared to wisdom in the left back role.

fewmin' bedwetter:
Nothing against Moreno but I really think he struggled last year, and I feel especially with Clyne not being that big, that we'd benefit from a more physically imposing left back, as I've said before.

Many will disagree, but watching the game yesterday made me think, why not give Gomez and Wisdom a chance to stake a claim for left-back? Also, I like right-footed left-backs - Flanagan was brilliant there, for instance. Going back further, Carragher, Steve Nicol, Barry Venison and I'm sure other right-footed players have done a great job for us there.

If they're not Roberto Carlos going forward, so be it - hopefully Clyne will provide plenty in that regard on the other flank. I would take the greater defensive solidity as a payoff.

Reds Flag:
While we're all busy fretting about our defence, it looks like we have a good few young players who are itching to step up and stake a claim and are on the verge of being good enough. Whether Gomez, Wisdom, Maguire, Ilori or any of the other lads are quite ready yet or have the requisite ability is for Brendan and his team to decide, but there's a lot of cause for optimism and I really hope we're all pleasantly surprised by at least one of them breaking into the team during this year and starring.


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