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RAWK Advent Calendar 2014 #3 - Robbie Fowler vs Birmingham City 2001

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Incredible goal it was. One fitting for the journey we were on that season.

The League Cup gets its fair amount of stick but it's given us some great moments, not least that strike from Robbie.

Here's hoping we get to the final again this season for a recreation.

The only thing I remember from that game is that goal and thinking why Carragher took the 6th penalty.

Your description of your older brother as 'golden boy' resonated with me. I'm the eldest of three, and I've endured years of similarly petty sniping from my younger brothers ;)

Well-written, Crosby Nick. Made me watch the highlights of that game, had forgotten how cheeky Robbie took his penalty :) Never got why some LFC fans refer to the League Cup as a Mickey Mouse cup as it has brought so many good memories over the years :)

I also remember Smicer missing an absolute sitter and Hamann smashing the post in extra time.

A very young Andy Johnson was upfront for Birmingham.


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