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--- Quote ---The 34th anniversary of the Hillsborough Disaster.

To mark it, we are telling the stories of some of the Liverpool fans who died through the words of those who loved them.

This is Hillsborough - the 97 remembered.

All of these articles are free to read.
--- End quote ---


Glorious Future:
Hello All. This is just to say God Bless you all who lost their lives at Hillsborough, supposedly watching a football match. Absolutely fucking unbelievable and unacceptable 34 years on.

Fuck the liars, cover up merchants and all who supported them in any form.

Fuck Openshaw, and all the rabble of masonic cranks who deemed their mates protection more important than bare justice and decency. Fuck your imposed silence for 3 years of our lives. Never again.

Hello Angel, hope you're still here.

RIP the 97 and all who followed.❤️


--- Quote from: Red Beret on November 15, 2022, 09:53:06 pm ---I found this. I wasn't sure where else to post it. Apologies if inappropriate or previously shared. I share mostly because they've developed a Hillsborough specific therapy to help survivors.

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Just donated today, thank you x

grrth1314: article from notts forest fan perspective...


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