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Survivors: Talk about it, share it, we'll try to help

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I canít stop welling up. All the tributes, all the pictures, seeing the faces of the 97. I was the same at the game on Wednesday, the silence and YNWA did me.

Part of my struggle is I feel a fraud. I was there but didnít lose anyone and I was fine. Itís got worse now Iíve got kids, imagining them going off and not coming home.

I honestly donít know how the families have done what theyíve done.

Red Beret:
I found this. I wasn't sure where else to post it. Apologies if inappropriate or previously shared. I share mostly because they've developed a Hillsborough specific therapy to help survivors.

First time Iíve watched the king Kenny documentary.   Iím In bits   

Didn't know where else to post this so hope it's OK in here. Just in case anyone is local and wants to go along.

--- Quote ---Hillsborough survivor to address Wigan churchgoers

A survivor of the Hillsborough Stadium football disaster is to tell a local congregation about how it changed everything Ė not just for life but for eternity.
On April 15 1989 Billy Ainscough was one of 24,000 Liverpool fans who descended on the Sheffield Wednesday venue for an FA Cup semi-final showdown with Nottingham Forest.
But that beautiful spring day was soon cloaked in darkeness as Billy found himself in the midst of a deadly crush which would claim 97 lives and injure over 700 more.
Billy was fortunate to survive that day but says that it had a huge impact on him then, still does and will forever.
He will tell his story at Parbold Evangelical Church at 7pm on Saturday March 11. All are welcome.
--- End quote ---



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