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Glorious Future:
Thanks for those posts. You are all brave people to post them, and know that the feelings you have are not 'weird', 'mad', 'screwy' or described by any other derogatory adjective.

Hillsborough IS principally about the 96 souls that were lost that day. We are, however, brothers and sisters in arms for those people that we carry in our thoughts every day of our lives. We have a legacy, and an important message to pass on through generations.

But principally, my concern is, that there are those who, before they can strengthen in heart soul and mind, and carry that message on, must first heal severe wounds. For many this is a process that may only just have started.

I have had some communication from rawk staff who have suggested a way forward about this, and I'll be looking into the possibility of setting up a WEB SITE that will be for survivors and those significantly affected by Hillsborough.

I feel obliged to once again emphasise that this would in no way be contrary to anything done by the HJC, and would very simply be a 'place' for people to go in the safety of knowing their thoughts were respected, valued and treated with sensitivity.


This post needs more entries. I don't know how Glofut has got on with getting a personal forum but it might be that the amount of responses to this sort of topic will decide it. It's obvious how many of  us there are trawling through here on a daily basis. It's also obvious that most of us are in a position of just keeping it all in unless the right person or time comes up.
I know that I haven't been on the site as long as a lot of you, but it seems there are a lot of us out there all dealing with this day to day and in need of something like this.
I have read so many accounts that I think, bollocks that's me! it's frightening .
Let's try and keep the interest in this up so that we can see if this idea can come to something

Mr Mojo Risin':
Branno,i thought i was pretty young at 20, so it was no doubt worse for you and other younger ones.
It's been a long time,and neither has there been justice for the 96, or any sort of outlet for the 'surviveing ones'
Hope you are well , and seeing things in a bit more clearer light, now you,we,are getting older and hopefully more thoughtful.
God bless you,and everyone else, and R.I.P the never forgotten 96.

Glorious Future:
In case anyone's reading this, and those who have posted, I haven't forgotten this, and I'm reminded, as no doubt you are, of those feelings on occasions you mightn't expect it. I dropped my kids off at the ex's today, and we chatted football (unusually), Michael Owen, etc .. she said she mostly won't watch the football, as she has strong (negative) feelings about it. She also told me months ago that she did watch the CL final last year, and was in bits / tears etc ... like I was in Istanbul. I feel for her, becuase she lived with the sh*t. That's why we split. I'm not doing a splurge about it all, I'm just reminded that it doesn't just go away because of years, or events. And I'm reminded that we should be able to be together in some way when it's needed.

This site and others offer that in some way, but I think others are aware that for those who want to be totally candid about it it requires a bit of privacy of some sort. Not exclusive, just 'dedicated' I suppose.

Anyway, just wanted to let those who are interested that this hasn't gone away, and I'm still going to get something together. With your help!    :wave

Wrote this a couple of years ago...


You were at that game, did what you could,
You tried to help, you understood.
Or you lay there helpless with injuries of your own,
As you watched tears falling from men fully grown.

How did you feel when you couldn't find your mate?
Did you feel guilt that you didn't share his fate?
How did you feel when you couldn't find your bud?
And later, when McKenzie dragged your name through the mud?

For some time you fight on feeling always alone,
Feelings of guilt most will never have known.
You try to tell people of how much you've cried,
But they cast you away, none of your family died.

You were told for so long that you don't understand the pain,
Of the lives that were taken at Leppings Lane.
Deep down you used to feel that you should have died,
Is it any wonder some were driven to suicide?

With the things that you saw, the pain in the eyes
Of the young lad who was next to you, whose mother still cries.
There are ninety-six who are never forgotten,
But how far the cost spreads makes me feel rotten.

So for the families of the dead I always pray,
And for the lives that were lost that day.
And while I do, I offer up another prayer,
Lord please watch over those who were there.

Please watch over the man who was stood in that stand,
Who tried desperately to grab hold of that young lad's hand.
So many people left counting the cost,
And Liverpool cries for the lives that it lost.


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