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Henchoz Plays a Blinder at Fulham

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I've just watched about 20 minutes of highlights of the Fulham game on RTE.

Clinical opportunism got us the goals, but REALLY hard work got us the points.

Step forward, Stephane Henchoz.

His tackle on Saha in our box mid-way through the first half was exceptional in what looks like it was a brilliant performance.  He has war wounds from that tackle alone - it saved a certain goal and crowned what some reports are saying was his best game for us.  Could well have been.    

Offal gives our MoM to Anelka.  Don't believe a word of it - Henchoz defended like his life depended on it.  I'm sure anyone who saw the whole game will agree.

What was Hyypia booked for?  There's a rarity.  

Just a word on Litmanen - nine out of ten players would have missed that chance at the end.  He placed it so well.

Well-played, Jari.  You'll be a super-sub yet!

And well done all the lads.  You never know!  

Offal gave Anelka MoM?? No doubt goodwitch will overide that and award it to her Steph ;)

Looking forward to seeing the highlights later. I'm off to a party at a pub, but will be slipping out about 10.30 to catch the goals :)

John Barnes, Anchorman:
I listened to it on Century (Alan Kennedy commentating.  He's good) and we sounded very lucky.  Fulham hit the post and the bar, we held on to an early goal.  Sounded a bit like Derby away in that we failed to finish off opposition we should be beating comfortably after such a good start.  We were lucky.  I suppose the other similarity is that with Derby (a) is that we got all three points.   Long may it continue.

I STILL think unless we address changes in the tactics for home games we won't win it, but it's going to be close.

Apart from anything else, it's quite exciting this year.

Your right, somethings got to give at home, but what do you suggest?

Jari - for that defence-splitting pass that we don't seem to be able to come up with at home


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