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The Grafton want *that* banner!

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--- Quote ---Who wrote Reds' Grafton banner? Feb 28 2002

By Nicky Tabarn, Liverpool Echo


Liverpool fans unleash Hell in Istanbul!

NOT since grab-a-granny nights were invented has the Grafton known such infamy.

Millions of television viewers all around the world saw the nightclub's name on a huge banner during Liverpool's Champions League clash with Galatasaray.

It claimed that the most intimidating football ground in the whole of Europe, Istanbul's Ali Sami Yen stadium, was nothing compared to the Grafton on a Friday night.

Now the manager of the club on West Derby Road wants revenge, in the shape of the banner.

Chris Zorba, 29, is also offering a lifetime membership for the supporter who created the famous flag so he can put it on the wall of his nightclub.

He said: "I had about four phone calls from friends during the match who said they had seen a flag mentioning the Grafton.

"I watched the highlights and saw a crowd of Liverpool fans with the banner. It was great to see even though they were comparing us to hell.

"I would love the person who made the banner to contact me so we can hang it up outside the Grafton.

"I will also offer them a freebie such as lifetime membership as thanks for making us known as far away as Turkey."

The nightclub has already had a taste of fame after appearing in a BBC documentary three years ago.

Chris, from Sefton Park, said: "It is great that the Grafton has had another taste of fame and been on TV again."

Anyone who knows the name of the supporters who created the banner should contact reporter Nicky Tabarn, on 0151-472 2376 or send their details to the following e-mail address:

--- End quote ---

There's a picture there too (which I cant paste over!)


"I'll have anything else, bar that"

What is the Grafton ? A nightclub or something ?

More like a parallel universe Ron.

No-one can ever explain how they ended up there.
No-one can ever explain how they went home with what they went home with...

Normal upstanding members of the public have been reduced to heinous crimes against humanity just stepping through the doors...

That said... I heard The Raz (Blue Angel) was kind of like an Academy for future Grafton Regulars. :D

Put it on my list "Things to do when in Liverpool" !


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