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Was good to see Derby not role over a die just because Man U came to town.  Thought they thoroughly deserved their point, but didn't see the first half (was playing 5-a-side) so won't comment too much.

Obviously we are still in with a damn good shout, but I struggle to see Arsenal dropping points at any stage.  I am going to stcik my neck out here and say that I think the Mancs will drop more points, and by the time Arsenal play Man U I think I might be cheering for -ugh- Man U to take points of Arsenal to give us a chance.

Any opinions ?

(Yes I know I have assumed we will win all (maybe one draw) of our remaining games)

Craig S:
Think our biggest obstacle is...we only have 3 away games left and 6 homes. Sounds perverse doesnt it.

The mancs still have to play chelsea(a), arse(h), leeds(a). Cant see them taking all the points from those 3.
But I cant see Arsenal losing, the form they're in.
Wednesday is a MASSIVE match now, we have win.  I think the top 4 is sorted now, just which order?

The odds with the bookies are now as follows

Manure     Evens
Arse       6/4
Liverpool  9/2
Geordies  10/1

The Mancs dropping points today really cheered me up but I'm a bit worried that Arsenal seem to be hitting form at the right time though.

hard to call

think the geordies will find it tough without bellamy

cl will mess things up for any of the other 3

If we don't go through to the final eight of the CL (note I said IF). Would It make it easier for us to win the title? I don't think United will win. It's between us and Arsenal. But man they are on top form. And coming off a pasting of the German leaders. They may go a double this year. They could also contend for a treble if they keep up this form. We are the strongest test for them in the league. If Arsenal can beat Newcastle in the quarter of the FA Cup. I tip them to win it. And the CL is up for grabs really many great teams still in it. That's my take on this.

Don't the top four in league this year get a shot at the CL next year? Just wondering


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