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Drugs in football(ers)



The players who have been caught with nandrolone in their system are now returning to football. Seems like they have got away with it?? Or does it.
I watched a very good program about drug taking last week. It focused on an American Bobsleigh guy who tested positive in December and was banned therefore missing the Olympics.
It seems as if he was taking protein supplements (not unusual in sports) and he switched the ones he was taking late last year. He checked each product for illegal substances (nothing on the label) and as an extra precaution phone the manufacturers of each to check what was in them. Regardless he still registered as having excessive nandrolone in his body.
The program investigated the supplements he was taking and bought some over the counter. They sent a sample off to a lab and the results were astounding - some 45% of the supplements bought tested for Nandrolone - even thought there was nothing on the label and the manufacturers said they were clear.
So the athletes who tested positive - what should they do now? Sue? Looks as if they may be in the clear. As for the high number of Dutch footballers caught - perhaps someone in the Dutch camp innocently suggested that certain protein supplements worked well - not knowing that they contained nandrolone.

This whole Nandrolone thing seems to be a bit of a mess. There seems to be a lot of conflicting reports from the scientific boffins about how its produced and whether its a natural occurrence.

I feel a bit of sympathy for these players in a way, i would like to believe they are being honest when they say they did not knowingly take the substance.

At the end of the day though, its down to the athlete/footballer to regulate what he or she eats and drinks, putting your trust in someone else is a a dangerous move by the looks of it.

Steve C:
Stam is back for lazio on march 16th after failing to get his ban overturned.


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