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Ben S:
I intend to be as drunk as posible, so, Does anyone want to write a match report from the view of the armchair..?

Shaky Jake:
I've just seen the "probable" team on the Times website and I'm really, really disappointed-  :(

LIVERPOOL (possible; 4-4-1-1): J Dudek A Xavier, S Henchoz, S Hyypia, J Carragher D Murphy, S Gerrard, D Hamann, J A Riise V Smicer E Heskey.

The defence and midfield are as I would've expected, but the inclusion of Vladi over Jari is not good, in my opinion. We need a player who can play telling balls in an around the box and also knows where the goal is. Vladi has patently failed to do either of those things in recent games. He's conceded possession and generally been the weakest link. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying he should be sold/shot/castrated or anything. I just think that Jari is the obvious choice for that role and Vladi is not in form. Also we will have to attack more than we have away in Europe before. This means we will be playing on the break less, so Vladi's pace will be less important. Then I think Jari has to play.

But whoever gets the shirt, I hope they do the stuff.

surely this is just the opinion of a journo for the Times, who has as little actual clue as we do.  Don't worry about it, they are often wrong

they're often wrong, but there must be some reason why he's put in smicer for litmanen. it's hardly the obvious choice. often certain journalists will be told about the team, or told that x will probably start instead of y. i don't know how close the times dude - oliver kay? - is to thompson, but if he says smicer i reckon it's 75% likely that jari starts on the bench.


thank christ

site says:

Phil Thompson has confirmed this morning that Jari Litmanen will start against his former club Barcelona at the Nou Camp tonight.

More to follow...


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