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2 Wins will do it! (Alright, a draw & a win might)

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Going through the permutations.

If we win both our matches we will have 9 points. Similarly Barcelona will only be able to get a maximum of 8 points and Roma 9 points (although, as I understand it, we would finish above Roma by virtue of an aggregate win against them). This is assuming that both beat Galatasaray who would therefore be unable to go above their current 4 points. If Galatasaray also won both their matches they would finish on 10 points and top the group but we would finish 2nd since Barca & Roma would fail to add to their current points.

So cometh the hour, cometh the Redmen - we can still do it but it leaves little if no room for error now...

Yep - definitely still in our hands, but the lads like keeping the fans on a knife edge!  It makes the Barca game a 'need to win' game.

Come on Reds!!

[glow=red, 2, 300]Positive people  [/glow] :-X

I cant believe we have got to win in the Nou Camp. Last time we were there we were just happy we didnt get our arses kicked.

I do think we can still do it, after all its not over until its over!  :)

It's mathematically feasible but I think it'll be hard to beat Barcelona at the Noucamp, with them trying to rebounce from their heavy defeat.

On the other hand, it's only 2 games, against 2 teams we have beaten last season. Besides, I've seen this team play some terrific attacking fottball since the Man U game. We now have nothing to lose, so go for it all the way. There's still some hope.


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