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If you've been on the site over the last few days, you may have noticed a few changes taking place, such as updated site management software and a move away from 'muppets' and 'woolybacks'.  However, you might have missed a small change that heralds the most important change - the imminent unleashing of our new staff writers, our very own RAWK Scribes as they are now known!!

We had been thinking about pulling together a team of writers for the front page for a while now, a decision that was made all the more urgent by Paul's very understandable desire to 'retire' in order to spend time with his new arrival.  

Bob had intended to kick this off, but has needed to take time out to settle in to his new job.  Meanwhile, the rest of us just haven't been able to find the time, until now, to make it all happen.

However, the time has been found and we have managed to blackmail some muppets.... I mean, persuade three high class writers, to become the very first RAWK Scribes.  Laydeezzzzzzzzz and Gennlemen.... I give you Scouser@Heart, Barrettski and Homesick!

You will all have read the posts by our Scribes and know them to be high quality, entertaining and generally a bloody good read.  Crucially for us, they feel the same way as we do about Liverpool and its supporters, which is important given that they will be presenting the public face of the site, the front page.

We might have asked several more forumites to become Scribes, but we felt that we needed to limit things to three for the moment while everything settles in, as its a learning process for us too.  As time goes by, we hope to bring the total complement of Scribes up to five or six - we'll keep you posted.

You should begin to see the content on the front page turning over rather more rapidly than of late.  You will also be able to mail your thoughts and comments directly to our Scribes at their ' addresses', though they cannot guarantee to reply to all mails.

We would also like to encourage anyone who feels that they have an article in them somewhere.  You can submit an article by CLICKING HERE or e-mailing us at '', or simply post them up on the forums.  We can't promise to publish everything, but we do promise to provide constructive feedback if we don't (and you ask for some!).

We will finish by saying thanks to our Scribes for agreeing to join the team here at RAWK.  We hope you all enjoy reading their articles over the coming weeks and months.


All at RAWK

Barrettski, Scouser@Heart, Homesick - three superb choices! Look forward to reading more of their articles!

Curly Tom:
Well done 'ski, Kez and Homesick!! *clap *clap *clap!

:wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave:

Yes,with those three choices this site will become even more erm,"qualitised"...Oh fuck! There goes my chance of ever becoming a RAWK scribe! ;)

Now Kez is a scribe is it not about time she had her photo posted ;)


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