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My heart was stopped by Milan last night

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Few minutes to go.

Our No.5 getting the ball from about 30 yards from Barca goal with a Barca defender from the back.

He turned, beaten the defender and then pushed forward.... 25 yards, 20 yards...... Christanval / de Boar just retreats and retreats...... he reached the edge of the penalty area, here comes de Boer and he could hold off him and .....

My heart just stopped beating for about 5 seconds -- I was like 'what a debut it would be if he scores now' -- I CAN'T WATCH.....

It wasn't to be afterall -- but I am please with him : he looked pretty good to me and played well


Yeah, I was the same - up off the barstool in anticipation.
Tough game for him to come into, but he didn't look out of place.

its was sheer class

Tough game to come into. Total respect for the guy.  ;D

he did well
why didn't he just pull the trigger???


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