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He started it all, layed the foundations, created the empire.
Dont get me wrong, Paisleys success and achievements are unbelievable and probably wont be bettered, but Shanks is my favourite and therefore I think he is the best manager.

Shanks, He created what we have achieved. Sir Bob carried it on.

I'v sat gazing at this poll for quite a while and cant choose between Shanks and Sir Bob. Everything on above posts is true, but I feel it lowers Bob's record if I vote for Shanks , but as Shanks started at rock bottom  how can you make him No.2.  Catch 22!

Then you have G.H. and Kenny lower still ,which sticks in my throat.

So, I'm voting  above 4 as best managers in the country whilst they were in charge of the Reds. I've never bottled one of these polls before, but I'm hiding in the centre circle this time, whilst someone else is taking that pen!

I hate the idea of differentiating between Shanks, Sir Bob, Kenny and Le Boss.

Collectively, The Four Tops!

Sir Bob for me. :D


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